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Name Reservation     


In order to incorporate a BRITISH COLUMBIA Named Incorporation, or to register a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership, you must first reserve your desired company name.

B.C. Name Requests may be directly ordered from BC Registry Services.


If you choose to incorporate your company with a corporate name (as opposed to a numbered company), you must first reserve the name with the Registrar. The Registrar has the discretion to reject the name you choose. The following is a brief guideline to help increase the likelihood that the Registrar will approve your choice.

The 3 Elements

The registered corporate name should consist of three elements:

- a distinctive element,
- a descriptive element, and
- a legal element.

For example: Habitat Coffee Inc. ("Habitat" = distinctive, "Coffee" = descriptive, and "Inc." = legal).

Distinctive Element

The distinctive element is the part of the name that distinguishes your company from others. It should be unique to the extent that it will not be confused with other companies in similar lines of business.

Examples of distinctive words include: coined or made up words, geographical locations, and personal names. For example: "Interfax" Coffee Inc., "Vancouver" Coffee Inc., or "Joe Smith" Coffee Inc.

Unacceptable distinctive word choices include overused and frequently used corporate name words, words that merely describe the type of business being conducted, or names that are too similar to other corporate or trade names. For example: "Universal" Coffee Inc., "Coffee Bean" Distributors Inc., or "Starbuckers" Coffee Inc.

Descriptive Element

The descriptive element describes the nature of the business being conducted by the company. For example: Habitat "Coffee" Inc., or Vancouver "Shoe Manufacturers" Ltd. Avoid overly vague descriptions.

The Legal Element

The legal element is that which gives your company legal incorporated status and limits your liability (once all other conditions for incorporation have been met). The words that may be used are: "Limited", "Limitee", "Incorporated", "Incorporee", "Corporation", "Ltd.", "Inc.", and "Corp."

Other Considerations

Names that suggest that the company is connected to government, the crown, or royal family are not acceptable. The words "British Columbia" or "B.C." generally refer to a connection with government. For example:  "B.C." Lumber Inc., "Prince Charles" Lumber Inc., or "Royal" Lumber Inc. are not acceptable.

However, names with the words "British Columbia" or "B.C." placed after the descriptive element are generally O.K. For example: Jack Lund Lumber B.C. Inc. Also, the words "Crown" or "Royal" in combination with other words generally are acceptable. For example: Royal Oak Lumber Inc. is acceptable.

Names that are considered objectionable on public grounds are not acceptable. For example: vulgar expressions, obscene words, or racial or sexual slurs are not acceptable.

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