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Share Transfer     


Share Transfer delivers within minutes all the documents you needs to transfer shares, and properly record the transfer in your Minute Book.  It includes a personalized Directors Resolution, which involves the transfer, cancel and allotment of shares, and a newly-issued, personalized Share Certificate for the new holder.  It also includes a straightforward Instruction Sheet, which includes instruction on signatures and Minute Book entries.

Share Transfer supports the transfer of Common shares without par value.

The fee for Share Transfer is $10, payable in Canadian dollars.  There are no government filing fees.  To proceed, complete the entries.

Contact Information

The only contact information we need is your e-mail address. It allows us to send you the finished documents. It will not be included in the documents.


Company Name

Enter the company name.  Please ensure the name ends with the appropriate corporate designation: "Limited", "Limitee", "Incorporated", "Incorporee", or "Corporation", or an abbreviation therefrom (e.g. "Ltd.", "Ltee", "Inc.", or "Corp.").

Company Name:


Enter the full name of the person who is transferring the shares.

Full Name:

Cancelled Certificate

Enter the certificate number of the Share Certificate that is being transferred.

Certificate Number:

Number of Shares

Enter the number of shares being transferred.  Please note, Share Transfer does not support partial transfers.  Thus, the number of shares being transferred should equal the actual number of shares entitled by the Share Certificate.  Enter the number numerically.  For example, "ten thousand, three hundred and fifty-five shares" equals 10,355

Number of Shares:


Enter the full name and address of the person who is receiving the shares.

Full Name:
Province/ State:
Postal Code:

New Certificate

Enter the certificate number of the to-be-issued Share Certificate of the new holder (the transferee).  Enter the number numerically.  To obtain the certificate number refer to the Register of Allotments in your Minute Book.  It will provide you with the certificate number of the most recent allotment.  Add 1 to this number.

Certificate Number:


Share Transfer can accommodate up to 6 directors.  Enter each director's name.  Do not omit directors.  If there are fewer than 6 directors, leave empty fields blank.



Press the Review button to review your entries, and to proceed.

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