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Within minutes, receive all the documents you need to incorporate a limited liability company, federally. This document package includes:

a cover letter for corresponding with the Corporations Directorate

a set of articles

a notice of registered office

a notice of directors

an instruction sheet, which includes instruction on signatures, filings and filing fees

Before you start, you must decide whether you want to incorporate a Named or Numbered company. If you want to incorporate a Named company, you must first obtain pre-approval of the name you propose before you use it.

Federal NUANS®
Name Search Report

using LegalDeeds

5 Easy Steps

1 Decide whether you want to incorporate a Named or Numbered company.
2 Take one minute and complete the LegalDeeds online questionnaire.
3 Submit your responses with a single click of the mouse.
4 Receive almost instantly your personalized documents by e-mail.
5 Following the instructions we provide, submit your documents to the Corporations Directorate, along with the Directorate's filing fee of $250.

The Directorate's turnaround is approximately two weeks.

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