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Promissory Note (Loan Agreement)     

This service will provide you with a personalized, completed Promissory Note used in Canada or the U.S.

After you complete a few questions online our service will produce for you this personalized and completed document, ready to be signed by the Borrower.

Equal consecutive monthly payments of blended principal and interest will be calculated and entered automatically for the term that you request. In the case of a Demand Promissory Note, we will include a schedule of total (Principal and Interest) owed by month, for 60 months. You will receive your completed Promissory Note document package by email, within seconds of submitting your order.

This product is covered by the LegalDeeds full satisfaction or money refunded guarantee.

This service includes simple and straight forward instructions to enable you to sign and witness quickly and effortlessly. The cost of this product is $15.00 Canadian.

To proceed, complete the entries.


Demand Promissory Note

Fixed Term Promissory Note

Contact Information

The only contact information we need is your e-mail address. It allows us to send you the finished documents. It will not be included in the documents.



First choose the type of the Promissory Note.

Demand:    No monthly payments are made, principal and accrued interest (compounded monthly) is due on demand (when the Lender requests).
Fixed Term:    Equal consecutive monthly payments of blended principal and interest compounded semi-annually (the loan and interest will be repaid in full by the end of the term).

Promissory Note Type:

If you chose Fixed Term, you must also select the length of the term in months. If you chose Demand leave this field blank and continue.

Term Length (in Months):


Choose the currency in which the loan will be transacted.


Amount Borrowed

Fill in the amount borrowed in Dollars.

Loan Amount: $


Fill in the Full Name of the Borrower.



Fill in the Full Name and Address of the Lender. If the lender is not known at this time, you may leave these fields blank and fill them out later by hand.

Postal/Zip Code:


Fill in the annual rate (%) of interest of the Promissory Note.

Interest Rate: %


Press the Review button to review your entries, and to proceed.

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