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Announcing the new, a startup after 23 years

If you are reading this, you are on the new!

LegalDeeds was founded in 1999, and our code had barely changed since then. You can see our original website on the Wayback Machine.

LegalDeeds website design from 1999

Our new website started from scratch and implements several cutting edge features.

1. Serverless Computing

We replaced our servers with AWS Lambdas which only turn on for the few seconds we need to execute code in the cloud. As a result, a thousand users could place an order at the time and our website would not crash. Our infrastructure is more secure too, because there is no single server that can be hacked.

2. Faster Load Times

Most visits to our website only loads 160 Kb of data. We also reuse the cache between pages to make navigation faster. Other websites have to fetch files from their servers every time you want to see a new page, wasting a second every time you switch pages. Instead, LegalDeeds changes what we show you based on the URL you visit. For example, if you switch between the Last Will and Testament page and the Promissory Note page, all we change is the title and description of the page. The rest of the page stays the same, and your computer never has to query a server, allowing you to switch pages within milliseconds.

3. Headless CMS

This blog is built using a Headless Content Management System, meaning the database storing our blog posts is independent from the website. It sounds simple, but this technology is critical when we don’t have a server to generate the blog pages! Single Page Apps leverage Headless CMSs by reusing the code for displaying a blog post and only changing the text.

4. Future-Proof Data Privacy

Our solution to privacy regulations? Delete the data! Our customers trust us with important legal information, and we take their privacy very seriously. Our new website automatically deletes all user data after the 30-day money-back guarantee period.

The Future

Our new website allows us to improve our products faster than ever before.

After 23 years, LegalDeeds is a startup again.



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