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Holographic wills are not legal in Prince Edward Island

Holographic wills are wills entirely handwritten by the testator, unlike other wills that can be printed but must be signed and witnessed by at least two people.

Although holographic wills are legal in most Canadian provinces, they are not legal in Prince Edward Island.

Exception for the military and mariners at sea

According to the Probate Act, S. 60 (2) of Prince Edward Island, a will must be signed in the presence of two witnesses who are both present at the same time when the will is signed. This means that holographic wills, which do not require the presence of any witnesses, are not valid in the province.

In PEI, holographic wills are only legal for members of the military and mariners at sea. Probate Act, S. 62 (1):

62. Holographic will of member of forces or seaman
(1) The will of any member of the Armed Forces of Canada, or of any mariner or seaman when at sea or in course of a voyage, disposing of real or personal property, or both, may be made by a writing signed by him without any further formality or any requirement as to the presence of or attestation or signature by any witness.

According to that clause, any military member or mariner at sea can create a will by writing it themselves, without any witness present.

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