GuidesMay 2, 2022

How to find a property's legal description in Prince Edward Island for free

The legal description of a parcel is used to pinpoint a specific property. In some documents, you will need both the street address and legal description. In Prince Edward Island, you can easily find legal descriptions online. All you need to know is the street address of your property. The steps to perform an online title search can be found here.

First, visit PEI’s Civic Address Locator. Then, input the required parcel information into the search boxes, and click Find this Address. Click the link for the desired parcel.

View the Legal Description, specifically the Property Identification Number.

You can also find your legal description by visiting a land register in your city, by reviewing the property deed, or by contacting a legal service to assist you.

If you are looking to sell your property on your own, you can use LegalDeeds' Contract of Purchase and Sale online tool.


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