How to find a property's legal description in Saskatchewan for free

The legal description of a parcel is used to pinpoint a specific property. In some documents, you will need both the street address and legal description. In Saskatchewan, you can easily find legal descriptions online in a few quick steps. All you need to know is the street address of your property or the geographic location.

First, visit the Land Registry map at the ISC - Map Search. You will have to sign in or create a new account in order to access the land registry.

ISC Map Search

After signing in/registering, proceed to the map search.

ISC Map Search link location

If you have information about the parcel, you can search by text. Otherwise, you can also search graphically and select the parcel you are looking for. The parcel information will appear, and you can find the legal description under “Land Description”.

Legal description in parcel search results

You can also find your legal description by visiting a land register in your city, by reviewing the property deed, or by contacting a legal service to assist you.

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